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All your news,updates and trends… In-A-Gist

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While searching the Web for info. this website comes back quite often. Inagist is powerful unknown content aggregation Site. It let us discover the latest trending stories in the world. you can sign in with your Twitter  and choose from 40 channels.



Google launches crisis tools to help the Philippines deal with the typhoon

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Google announced today it has launched crisis tools to help gather  information to do with the devastation wrought by a powerful typhoon in the Philippines. Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) is an active tropical storm that has caused widespread destruction in the Philippines. These tools include Google Person Finder, a web application that allows individuals to post and search for the status of family or friends affected by the disaster.

The 2013 DATA Report: Financing the Fight for Africa’s Transformation |

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Mapped: Every Protest on the Planet Since 1979 – By J. Dana Stuster | Foreign Policy

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Les flux d’information et les réseaux des organisations de la société civile

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Les réseaux constituent des systèmes, de liens et des nœuds. Les nœuds représentent les organisations/individus et les liens constituent le flux d’information entre elles.  Travailler avec d’autres organisations qui ont le même objectif amène souvent à atteindre des buts que vous ne pouvez pas l’atteindre seul.  Read more…

Information overload in the digital arena

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Nowadays, it becomes obvious that we are overwhelmed by information. Tremendous amount of information and data are being generated every minute. Information scientists don’t share a uniform definition of information overload (proliferation of available data, degradation of information, noise-like, irrelevant information…etc). Sam berner, argued in her article: Information Overload or Attention Deficiency? that information overload occurs when individuals are aware of relevant information but do not have the time to locate and use it. Even using Web tools like google to find information may result in data smog.   Read more…

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